Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Make Itz


I thought I would try to grow lavender this 
summer.  I put it in a large planter on the patio.
So far, I have kept it alive!
The plant thrives on neglect, it doesn't like 
much water,  tending to, or fertilizer. 
It is supposed to come back year after year. 
I cut the stems with the flowered tops,
gather together and hang upside down to dry.
Future projects may include potpourri, 
and/or lavender soap. 
For now, I just enjoy the lovely fragrance. 
Can you imagine what a whole field would smell  like? 
Lavender plants. 

What the plants look like with lavender flowers. 

Cut stems, hang upside down to dry. 

Fragrant flowers. 

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  1. Very cool. I enjoy the scent of lavender

  2. how neat! we planted lavender this year as well. hopefully it will make flowers. our plant isn't yet as large as yours.


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