Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Make Itz

A Sign of the Times!!!

Great Advice!

My sister and I were talking about how we saved 'our best'
of everything for later. We wondered why we always
saved these for special occasions, when we could be
pampering ourselves Right Now!
(be sure to find more ideas on her blog The Whimsey Project-
just click on the link to the right under My Fav Blogs. )

Her daughter told her it was time
to 'Burn The Candles, Use the Soap.'
I liked this saying so much that I had to
make a 'Sign of the Times" to remind us of this new mindset.
With her permission, I sent this idea
to my Graphic Designer Daughter- in- Law
who came up with the perfect printable.
Resident woodworker cut pieces of wood
and drilled holes for the ribbon to hang it with.
I painted the wood. I used decoupage
medium to adhere the paper to the wood.
(Using a brayer helped to eliminate bubbles.)

Sign sealed with Mod Podge

For more great printables,
check out Amanda's etsy shop:

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