Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Make Itz


Lavender is very soothing, relaxing and
smells sooooooo good. Use this hot pack where you need
some soothing heat.

Microwave sock pack on high starting with 45 seconds, add a few more until warm,not hot.
You don't want to cook the rice.
This can also be put in the freezer for a cold pack, although the scent won't be as
strong as when it is warmed.

Simple Sock Hot/ Cold Pack Made with Lavendar
(most can be found in your home, or at the dollar store.)

TUBE or other new/clean socks large enough to knot closed--men's
sizes are great
Regular type rice--not instant
Dried lavender or few drops of lavender oil(may have to find oil at specialty shop)
I grew lavender in a pot this summer and dried the flowers. Very easy to grow.
I removed the flowers from the stems as the stems would poke through the sock.

Gather Materials

Mix the dried flowers into the rice. 

Use a funnel to fill up the sock about 3/4 full. Leave enough on the end to tie a good knot. 

When filled, tie a good strong knot on the end. This can be opened to refill rice when needed. 

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  1. neat project. love lavender.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Not sure what happened to the previous comment but there were words I did not type in it!

    You can also sew a sleeve for the sock from soft material like flannel. Then the sock doesn't sit directly on the skin and it also looks pretty!

  4. Great idea to make a sleeve for the sock!


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