Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Make Itz

(made out of wood)
Size is approximately 2x3 feet.

September's Home Depot
Do-It-Herself project was a wood pumpkin planter.
We could also leave the planter off and just make a
pumpkin, which is what I did.
The wood was pressure treated for outside use.
Four pieces of wood were nailed together,
then the pumpkin shape was drawn and cut out.
I think this could also be made from a discarded wood pallet.
This was stained with a wood sealer.
The stem has been spray painted.

stem made out of scrap wood from the part cut off for the curves

4 boards held together with cross pieces, then cut into a pumpkin shape

Sisal rope 'bow' will be added to the stem.
This pumpkin can be used throughout the fall season. 

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