Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Tipz

KISS--Keep It Simple Santa

When we started our family, we had a one-salary budget.
I started a Christmas Club Account to stay within our means,
and shopped throughout the year,especially the after Holiday Sales.
We also made special gifts for friends and family.
We left the 'spoiling' to the grandparents!
(Blessed to say I'm the grandparent now!)

A recent article in the local paper about a
gift giving challenge that is making its way
around social media:

4 Gift Challenge:
--Something they want
--Something they need
--Something to wear
--Something to read

While just four gifts may be difficult to adhere to,
even cutting back just a bit this year may make all the difference!

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  1. great plan. practical as well as indulging.

    we had a one gift limit when the kids were growing up. some years we had a "make the gift yourself" theme. the gift is only a symbol of love for each other so don't need a lot. we still do the one gift theme. everyone is happy with it.

  2. Good idea! One year the kids each got $5, we went to the local dollar store, and they had to buy 4 gifts. They really did a great job of finding quality items and just the right gift for the right person!


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