Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Make Itz


Home Depot Do It Herself Project

November's Home Depot Do It Herself Workshop project
was a fun large whimsical wood stocking to paint. I decided to use mine as a stand up
decoration, but a hook could be added to the back to hang it up.
Our awesome teacher Josh had all of the stockings cut out of underlayment boards.
Time only permitted a few coats of paint in class, so I finished mine up at home.
To add ot the whimsey, I painted the stocking Christmas red and lime green.
I used a gold Sharpie Marker to outline the stocking and add swirlies to the green areas.
I still may add more 'bling', just haven't decided what kind yet.
It will be a working in progress.

Free hand stocking cut out of thin wood. 
Whimsey swirls on the green areas.

I think this project could also be made out of strong coardboard if you do not
have a way to purchase or cut wood.
Instead of paint, you could decoupage pictures or cut outs from Christmas cards to decorate the stocking. Other shapes could be cut out as well, such as a star, a large
ornament--the possiblities are endless!

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