Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Make Itz

Last Minute Gifts

Here is a great last minute gift idea from Joanns Fabric and Crafts:
An Oven Mitt filled with kitchen utensils!
Their instructions show how to make the oven mitt, but
to save time, purchase a mitt and kitchen tools to fill it.
Joanns usually has these items on sale.
The Dollar Tree store also has quality kitchen tools
--think Betty Crocker.
Even if the receiver has these tools, it is always nice to have more
than one spatula and hot mitt.
Tie a pretty ribbon around the mitt and add a gift tag!

Makers Guide: Oven Mitt Gift

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  1. neat idea. great for wedding showers or for those who like to bake for a birthday! one can't have too many kitchen utensils.


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