Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Make Itz


The resident agronomist built and set up bird feeders
outside the front porch/windows.
The birds quickly found the food making
it fun to watch their antics.
I have THREE pairs of cardinals enjoying the treats
along with a blue jay who thinks he is the boss.
Doves are strutting around when there is room.
This has brightened the long, dreary winter days--especially
during the recent rare southern snow/ice event.

While these feeders are rather fancy,
very simple feeders can be made from milk cartons and jugs.
Google simple bird feeders for many ideas.
Most stores, even the grocery stores, carry bird food.
We purchase large bags at the Tractor Supply Store,
which I am happy to say just opened in our small town.

Bird feeders taken from front door.

Bird feeder taken from inside through the window--look close to see the redbird. 

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