Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Treatz

New Products

I had some high value coupons to try a few new products.

new products to try

The slow cooker sauce is delicious. 
A family favorite meal from my childhood was a dish
call 'Sauerbraten', which basically means marinated meat. 
It is a German dish served with gravy and potatoe pancakes. 
Since it is labor intensive, we only had this once or twice a year for very special occasions. 
The slow cooker sauce tastes very much like this dish, 
without all of the work. I put a beef roast along with cut up veggies in the crock pot, pour the sauce over all, and let it simmer away!
This can be found in the sauce aisle. 

The other product is a small cake for one or two people.
It doesn't come in many flavors yet, but since I like cream cheese frosting, I chose the red velvet cake. It comes with it's own pan. 
Perhaps this will be made for someone's 60th birthday? 


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  1. I say make that cake!!! One day a year, one can have their cake and eat it too!


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