Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Tipz

Just Do It!

Beating the 'boredlys'--yes, this is a real word meaning to be bored,
but not really knowing why you are in a slump.

The dreary days of winter can make it
hard to get motivated to work on projects
or to organize the craft area.

I realized if I just go into the craft room,
even if it is to just sit and plan new projects,
it helps to get out of the Creative Twilight Zone.

Once I'm in my Happy Crafting Space,
I can usually find something that will
lift my spirits.  New craft products,
along with watching Netflix or Movie DVDs,
helps to remember that:

Spring is only 56 days away. 

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  1. Looking at a crafting magazine also helps!

  2. Love craft magazines, and HSN had crafting hints and supplies on all day--that helped to perk up the day.


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