Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Freebeez

Greetings Crafters,
     My precious two month old grandson was admitted to the hospital 
last Saturday, so Opa and Oma have been in the Memphis area helping 
the new family. Craftin'with Suz needed to be on hold for the week. 
     Praise Be the little one was released after 48 hours and is home with 
mommy and daddy. All tests negative; diagnosis a virus harsh to babies. 
     Back to Wee Acres, exhausted but happy all is well. 
     So I plan to give myself the day off, and thought this said it all:

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  1. all crafters should keep this in mind. glad you are home and all is well with wee one and little family.

  2. Excellent advise for every crafter! Enjoy your day off!


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