Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday Tipz


I have moved too far away from my Illinois
Craftin' Gal Pals to attend when they gather
for food, fun and fellowship.
However, we still stay in touch
via FACETIME  (Apple Products can 'talk' to each other). 
I get to say a Tennessee Howdy Y'all
and see what each is working on. 
Sometimes I have a new product or 
project to show them. 
It was a bit of a learning curve to embrace 
this new technology, but I'm glad I took 
the time to learn how to use it. 
This is also a great way to keep in touch 
with the Grands--especially since these young 
people are growing up in a Techie world. 
They will be able to show Oma a new
thing or two! 

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