Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Make Itz

I can't 'RESIST' an oldie but goodie!

"Crayon or China Pencil" resist.


1.White China Pencils--kind of hard to find now,
 but Hobby Lobby has a Sharpie Brand--two in a package.
(Remember how fun it was to pull down the little string and unwrap
the paper to sharpen the pencil?!)
Crayons will work as well, but the China pencil puts down more wax and gives
a better resist. If available, try different colors of China markers.

2. Watercolor paper works best, but heavy cardstock will do if
you don't get it too wet.

3. Watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, or ink pads and daubers.

4. Watercolor blending pens.

Materials for a resist picture

"Color" a picture or write a secrete message.

Color over whole area with desired medium. 

Use blender pen to watercolor wash the color over the resist. 

Finished resist. For bolder color, go over resist more than once. May need to let it dry between colors. 

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  1. i'd forgotten all about this fun process. it'll have to be done in the art journal. the best part is pulling the string!

  2. Yes, I used to go through a whole pencil just to pull the string. I think we used to get them at Hargroves Office Supply for a nickle.


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