Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesdsay Tipz


If your card creation calls for covering the
whole front of the card, do this before starting to
make the rest of the card.

Glue the paper to the front of the card matching
two sides of the card front to the two sides of the patterned paper.
The lighter weight paper can shrink or grow, so if you want it to
cover all the way to the edges, don't cut it before placing it on the card front.
If paper is cut before, it may not fit after it dries.
(However, if you want a white border, cut before gluing.)

I like to use glue sticks, they are more forgiving. The paper can
be moved around before it dries.
I also place the card with glued paper under weight while it dries
before I cut it.

Open card, scored in middle

Closed card, folded at score

Patterned paper even with two edges

Cut excess off with trimmer or scissors

Finished front of card

Card with embellishments

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