Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Make Itz Updatz

"Using Your Noodle"

I had a loyal reader send some great ideas for the pool noodles,
but he uses pipe insulation tubes!
I'm seeing noodles on clearance as the stores get ready for
back to school! Stock up now! 
Insulation sleeves will begin to be on sale as we get closer to cooler weather, 
which after this heatwave, can't be too soon! 

"Liked your pool noodle ideas [that's usin' the ol' noodle!!].  I have used much the same for years only I use foam pipe insulation sleeves. They probably cost a bit more than your noodles, but they already come with a slit cut and the center hollowed out, plus most have a glue side that you can pull off the protector and seal the cut.

I've used them for pin cushions, tool grips, bumpers, picture hangers (I'm looking at one on my wall right now!)knife holders.  I keep my spare razor blades wrapped in them (the old non-safety blade kind). They make nice containers to protect expensive watercolor brushes or coloring pencils. And you can roll a small section around on a wet watercolor to produce interesting patterns (guess you can do the same with an ink pad)."

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