Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Make Itz

(The second most wonderful time of the year,
with the first being SCHOOL SUPPLY TIME!)

It's Chrsitmas in July for all those who
embrace the Holiday Season.
Now is a great time to stock up and
start your holiday projects.
The school supplies are out, many of which
can be used for craft projects, especially
coloring utensils, glues, papers, etc.
Many states offer a tax free holiday--so
stock up on clothes and craft supplies TAX FREE!
(Purchase the socks for this project tax free!)

Here is a fun easy Make It Yourself gift idea
from Joanns Fabric and Craft store.

How To Make Funny Face Socks


  • Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint, assorted colors
  • White cotton socks
  • Cardboard strips


  1. Cut cardboard strips into 2" strips for children’s socks, and approximately 3" strips for adult sized socks. Insert into socks with the bottoms facing upward.
  2. Use assorted dimensional paints to decorate each pair of socks with funny face designs. Tip: If desired, first use a chalk pencil or disappearing ink pen to draw designs on socks before tracing with paint.
  3. Allow to dry completely. Lightly test heavily painted areas to make sure they are completely dry before wearing.

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