Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Websitz


I forgot two great Tuesday Tipz to help pay for Holiday Gifts:
    --Start a Christmas Club account.
       Some banks or credit unions let you start anytime of the year,
      and most pay a little interest. Pay out is in the Fall, sometimes before Black Friday.
    --Use 'Found' money: put your daily change in a jar. Surprising how fast it adds up.
       If you use a credit card (and pay the balance off each month so as not to have interest),
       make sure it is a card that pays cash back.
       I let the bonus grow, then use it to purchase my craft products
       and supplies for gift making for 'free'!

Wednesday Websitz:

    Organized Christmas is my favorite site for all things HOLIDAY.
    The site isn't just for Christmas, but has ideas for the whole year.
    Check it out and join the Christmas Countdown:

click here

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