Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Make Itz

Oldies But Goodies!

Torn Paper and Tissue Paper are trending again.

Tissue Paper
Dig out your stash of tissue paper and use for card backgrounds or overlays.
   1. Cut a piece of tissue paper a bit larger than your project/card.
   2. Crumple up a few times, the more wrinkles the better.
   3. Smooth out.
   4. Use spray adhesive or glue stick all over front of card.
   5. Place smoothed out tissue paper over the adhesive.
   6. Press down to adhere.
   7. It's ok if there are wrinkles, gives it texture.
   8. Let dry before stamping or adding embellishments--cut around excess tissue to even up
       around card.
   9. White or very light tissue can be used over a stamped image to give it
        a snowy or shadowy look. A tint of very light blue would be nice.
  10. Run the tisse glued piece of paper through an embossing folder.
  11. Highlight the wrinkles on the paper with an ink pad.
  12. Stamp tissue before wrinkling for a fun look.

   1. Tear patterned paper so there is a white edge.
   2.  Highlight the white edge with a stamp pad.
   3.  Adhere to front of card.
   4. Use torn paper strips for accents.
   5. When using acetate sheet embellishments, tear paper to place behind sheet instead
       of coloring the sheet.

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