Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Make Itz

Well, I'm just having all kinds of "Munday" computer problems.
I tried to download pictures of my Monday Make Itz project,
and Windows 10 won't recognize my camera.
I tried to use my IPad, and I can't remember my Blog Log In.

So, I will explain what I did and hope I can post a pix soon!

What do you do when Opa wears out a pair of jeans?
Oma makes cute little purses out of the pockets for the grandgirls!

1. Carefully cut out the back pockets, leaving some of the fabric around the stitching.
    This will become the little purse.
3. Cut the seam down each leg, this will become the strap.
4. Trim around the pockets, if you want, you can run a bead of fabric glue around the edge to
    keep from fraying..
5. Fold over the back part of the pocket into the inside. Glue or sew.
6. Sew the straps to either side of the pocket.
7. Sew or glue velcro as a closure.
8. Decorate. I painted on their names. I glued on buttons to look like flowers.

Yay Opa helped me load the pix from his computer.

cut off from jeans

leave a flap at the top and fold into pocket, glue or stitch

painted on names 
finished purses

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