Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Make Itz

Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great crafty week/weekend.
I enjoyed visitng a few craft stores on my vacation.
Of course the fall/winter craft projects are being displayed
even in the oppressive Tennessee heat and humidity.
I suppose crafters are already thinking about
the winter Holidays and handmade gift ideas.
Here is one to get your creative juices flowing!

This following is a great project inspired from the Jo-Ann Craft Store website. 

I came upon a stash of doilys my mom had crocheted for me and
this is the perfect project! Instead of attaching the doily to the side
of the jar, I plan to use it for the lid.
Use the ring to attach the doily to the top, or run a ribbon through it
and gather it around the top of the jar.
I also plan to purchase the mason jars in colors.
Now is a great time to find these on sale.
Potpouri can be placed in the bottom of the jar,
then place the tea light on top.
I grow and dry lavendar, so that might
be added to my jar.

Mason Jars--pints or quarts, colored or clear
Jar Rings and/or ribbon
Battery powered tea lights (find at dollar stores)

How To Make A Frosted Ball Jar with Doily

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