Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday Tipz

Fun with Water Color Pencils

Watercolor pencils can be used in a variety of ways.
Best thing is no messy tubes or pots of paint,very portable.
Play around and practice on a scrap paper before using on a project.
FYI--an aqua painter is utensil with a brush at one end and a place to hold water
on the other end. Fill the 'handle' with water, replace the brush.
Push down to fill the brush with water.
Most craft/art stores now carry these in the artist sections.

1. Wet brush--this is great for large areas or backgrounds.
     Use pencil to lay down color in area.
     Take a wet paint brush or aqua painter to blend and soften the colors.
     Be careful not to use too much water.

2. Wet pencil--for intense color, dip the pencil into water, then color.
     This is best for bold details and shading.

3. Wet paper--wet your paper with a clean brush, aqua painter or spray with a mister.
     Use pencils to lay down colors. Blend with brush or aqua painter.
     Be careful when blending certain colors--unless brownish tones are what you need.

4. Wash--use as a wash over dry and wet embossed areas.


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  1. the wet pencil technique is interesting! going to give that a try!


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