Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Make Itz

Here are some ways to make end of the summer memories.
Credit goes to Highlights Magazines website:

It doesn’t take much to keep kids' occupied. Stuck for crazy-wild and free ideas? Try some of these for starters.
1. Watch an ant evade an obstacle.
2. Make mud pies.
3. Nab a ladybug; let it fly (or crawl) away.
4. Use a log as a balance beam.
5. Hunt for worms; release them.
6. Capture fireflies; set them free.
7. Dig a hole; fill it up again.
8. Make a pretend dinner; use pebbles, sticks, and leaves.
9. Search for sea glass.
10. Collect clam and mussel shells.
11. Find a starfish.
12. Sink your feet in a combo of water and sand.
13. Search for sand crabs.
14. Climb a tree.
15. Find your shadow; guess the time.
16. Start a campfire with sticks.
17. Squish mud between your toes.
18. Dig a hole; add water.
19. Collect rocks.
20. Blow dandelion seeds.
21. Track down birds’ nests.
22. Copy birdcalls.
23. Identify faces and shapes in the clouds.
24. Make giant and tiny shadows.
25. Send a message in a bottle.
26. Find a four-leaf clover.
27. Drink water from a garden hose.
28. Capture a caterpillar; put it back.
29. Spot one squirrel, two chipmunks, and three rabbits.
30. Count the seconds between lightning and thunder.
31. Watch hail bounce.
32. Wear your clothes inside out and backward.
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