Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday Tipz


Mistakes happen when products are produced.
If a purchased product is defective, be sure to let the company know.
They want to make it right, keep a happy customer, and to check quality control.
There is usually an 800 number and/or email address on the package or website.

For example:

I recently purchased a name brand set of fine tip markers. Half of them began
to leak. (Thankfully I had placed them in zip lock bags after taking out of the original package.)
I called said company to let them know what had happened. The customer service gal
was very glad that I did.  Quality control wants to see what went wrong so I am getting a
label to return to the company. I am also getting coupons for future purchases to cover
the cost of the markers. I could have just thrown them away, but this may be a bigger problem.
Then again, the pens could have just been overheated or frozen in a warehouse.

Another example is a name brand colored pencil--no lead inside the shell!
I'm waiting to hear back from this company to replace this color.

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1 comment:

  1. whoa! you got a good response from the markers company. it doesn't always happen. awaiting to learn about the pencil with no lead!


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