Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Treatz


After the record heat passes through Tennessee,
we will finally have seasonal temps.
So, it is Spiced/Friendship TeaTime again!
I am reposting from last year to make it easier
for all to find the recipe!


I'm making my annual batch of Spiced Tea to give as gifts and
to enjoy during the winter months.
I know I have posted this before, but it is good enough to rerun.
Here is a very easy version that mixes up
in no time:

1 Large Container Orange Type Drink Mix
1 Large Container Half/Half Tea and Lemonade Mix
(these can be found in the powered drink aisle. Store brands work.)

Ground cinnamon
Ground cloves

I pour the powered drink mix into a bowl with a tight lid to mix.
Add the spices a teaspoon at a time, you don't want them
to over run the other flavors.
Shake to Mix all ingredients.
Taste test small amount, add spices as needed.

Pour into pretty jars or canning jars.
Decorate the jars with pretty paper, ribbon and stickers.

Add a tag with directions on how to use:
1 to 2 teaspoons of mix into boiling water, or to taste.

ENJOY with cookies next to a crackling fire on a dreary day!

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