Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday Tipz


Here is another quick last minute gift to make for
the jigsaw puzzlers in the family. A felt puzzle mat:

click here

--Need a large sized pix for a wall? Instead of pricey canvas prints,
a poster may do. Check out photo shops for prices, but posters are generally
a fraction of the cost. If the poster is going to be where there is lots of moisture, such as
a bathroom, spring for the extra coating.  Most big box stores and chain drug stores have
photo shops, also check online.

--Fill Mason Jars with candy, instant cookie mixes, do-it-yourself kits, gift cards,
   and other small gifts. Top with a bow!

--Use kitchen towels to wrap a present, top with a holiday hot pad and dishcloth. A handmade knitted one is even better!

--Fill a pretty mug with hot choc. packets.

--Shop your back to school stash and make a fun gift basket full of goodies.

--Colored pencils, crayons and color books are always fun. Nothing like a new box of coloring utensils.

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  1. This is a great idea. We have puzzle boards make of foam board. Cut 1" length of the boards sides from a second board and glue to the sides to keep the pieces in place. Then what is left of the second board to make a smaller version.
    This works very well as one can use it sitting on the couch or chair while watching tv. However the larger one can be cumbersome to move around.


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