Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Make Itz


Rainy day kit idea from Fiskars. 

When mine were growing up, I always had a 'kit' of
craft supplies to pull out on snow and/or rainy days.
Fiskars has a neat idea for a 'bad' weather day kit.
Use any box or tote around the house, maybe there was
a good one leftover from a Christmas gift!
This can be put together on a 'shoe' string, just shop your
stash, check out the after holiday sales, use coupons for school supplies,
and always walk down the clearance aisle.
Stock up on glue and pencils at the back to school sales,
and the January restock the school supplies sales.
I recently found Holiday crafting supplies for as little as 5cents!
I'm now starting a kit for the grand-girls, and will
make one for the grand-boys when they are older.

click here for ideas

Download the label from the above website.

Have fun filling your box!

All they need to add: 
creativity and imagination! 

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