Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Treatz


My sister was staying with our 91 year old mom.
While she was there she cooked many of the dishes we grew up with.
We were discussing old recipes and this one popped up!
Mom told us she made this when they were first married.
The didn't have a freezer, so she would go across the street to
the corner grocery and buy an ice cream cone for the ice cream ingredient!
I thought that was an ingenious solution!
The ice cream smooths out the Jello.
This was a real treat growing up.
Sonic's new Ice Cream Slush is much like this recipe.


Any flavor or size of jello. 
(Cherry or strawberry are especially yummy)
Vanilla Ice Cream

Make jello according to package directions. 
Just before the jello is 'set', fold semi soft vanilla ice cream into it.
How much to fold in is a matter of taste, start with small amounts, add more if needed.
Serve Immediately 

1 comment:

  1. yep. a winner. the lazy way is to make jello then cover it in ice cream or whipped cream before eating it. tastes the same. and this recipe does tasty like a sonic ice cream slushy. cherry is my favorite.


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