Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday Treatz

Jello Update:

A loyal reader emailed these great ideas for the Ice Cream Jello recipe:

"Hello jello! I have never done the ice cream trick, but I have folded in whipped cream for a neat effect. Tricky to hit it at just the right temp so the cream doesn't just melt. Same with folding in other colors/flavors of jello, you can create a swirl or marbled effect. Another technique is to prepare the base jello in a pan (or glass Pyrex), let it just start to firm up and then paint on other colors to create an edible picture. Here you can use other elements, like M&M's, coconut shreds, or nuts, that will partly sink into the jello to enhance your picture.

Another jello treat is to pour the prepared juice into ice cube trays. Again, wait for just the right cool temp and add a stick cut from a graham cracker. When fully frozen, you've got a popsicle! [To keep your cracker from flaking, cut it when frozen, or dip it in chocolate for a support layer and then freeze; or buy edible straws.]"

Also, be sure to read the comments from the post for more reader ideas. 

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