Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday Tipz


The human eye can detect more shades of
green than any other color.
Keep this in mind when selecting coloring products.
Make sure the set has many shades of green,
especially if your coloring books have many nature scenes. 

After trying many different colored pencils,
I have finally chosen my top three:

1. PrismaColor
   This is the one of the top brands. 
    While these can be expensive, they are often discounted on 
    Amazon and the big box stores. Sam's carries a nice 36 set.
    I have found sets for less than 50cents a pencil. 
    There are 5 different types of Prismas for different 
    coloring needs. I invested in this brand because the colors
    match across the different types, very interchangeable. 
        a. Prisma Premier--artist quality, smooth and blendable
        b. Prisma Scholar--a bit harder than Premier, but still very 
                                       smooth. Less expensive, great for travel. 
                                       Watch for these at the 
                                       back to school sales. 
        c. Prisma Watercolor--great for backgrounds and muted
                                            colors, use with a blender pen or
                                            water brush pen
        d. Prisma Verithin--thin leads for detail coloring
        e. Prisma Erasables--I have not tried these yet. 

Be sure to purchase the Prisma sharpener, eraser and blending pencil. These sometimes come with the sets as a free add on. 
Other sharpeners will just chew up the pencil--very frustrating. 

2. ColorIT
    These are fun pencils that are a blend of Prisma Premier and 
    Scholar. The pencils come in a great carrying case, perfect for 
    travel. It includes a sharpener. I also like that the pencils are 
    smaller around than some of the other brands. Purchase the 
    72 set to get the most variety. The company often sends 
    10-20% off coupon codes. www.colorit.com

3. CrazyArt
    For the price, these can't be beat. $6.00 for 72 at Walmart.
    These are surprising smooth to color with. 
    The point also stays longer between sharpening. 


  1. lots of useful information! thank you.

  2. I love my Faber-Castel pencils. They are a triangular shape which makes it easy for me to hold. Also have little nubby spots all over them which I guess is so that the pencil won't slip while holding. I was able to find a sharpener for the pencils which is great because regular ones don't word well with triangle shape. This ones has two sides, one for the tiangle shape and the other has normal sharpener in a regular and large size. Very handy!


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