Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Make Itz


Craft retreat/camp was lots of fun.
It was held on the campus where I began my college career.
It brought back many memories of dorm life!
I was happy to hear the Bell Tower still chiming on the quarter hour.
I crafted and ate my way through the week--
too many Cookie Breaks!
One room was set up for Quilters.
Blocks of Muslin were printed with patriotic pictures.
We were asked to color the pictures (with Crayolas!),
then the blocks were heat set, sewn together and  quilted.
These quilts were given to Veterans.
There was a table set up for colorists with books and coloring supplies.
I relearned how to Hair Pin Lace Crochet,
and to make a few other little crafts.
We enjoyed an interesting talk about Hummingbirds.
The entertainment was a local Magician/Comedian.
Next year's date is already in my 2018 calendar!


The retreat used this as a fundraiser for next year's scholarships.
The people who brought a bottle were allowed to choose first,
then the others were allowed to purchase a bottle.
I think this would be more fun as a 'Dirty Santa' type activity.

1 comment:

  1. an action packed retreat! such fun. what was in the bottle you selected? a person can't have too many cookie breaks!


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