Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday Tipz

Coloring Supplies and Gel Pens


Did you know you can 'water color' with gel pens?
Most of the inks are water based, but be sure to test on scrap paper before coloring.
Chose an area and color a  'pool' of ink with the pen.
Use an aqua painter or a wet paint brush and move the gel 'paint'.
This is a fun way to shade the colors.
This technique can also be used for blending and highlighting.


Question--why do I need different types/brands of coloring utensils?

Answer--Just like a yarn crafter needs different sizes of needles,
               a colorist needs different tools.
               And, it is just fun to try new products! Can't have toooooo many!!!!


               Paper is the main reason!
               Different papers/coloring books have what is called 'tooth' or 'feel'.
               Tooth is how smooth or rough the paper is to 'grab' the color.  Watercolor paper
               is thicker and has more 'ridges' to soak up the water.
               Inexpensive papers are rougher. Sometimes the pulp can even be seen or felt.
               ColorIt brand papers/books are very smooth. There is extra processing to
               make it this way. The ColorIt brand pencils and pens are formulated to work with
               their paper.
               Blender pencils and burnishers help lay down the 'tooth'.
               Once you begin your coloring journey,
               you will begin to 'feel' the differences in paper.
               Sometimes experimentation is needed to find the right paper/tool combo.
               I bought a grey scale book to try from Dollar General.
               The paper was medium quality.
               I  tried using high end pencils, but got a wax buildup.
               I then tried using  inexpensive Dollar General pencils that worked just fine.
               I also try to purchase books that are printed on one side.
               If I do happen to get a book that is
               printed on both sides, I either just color the one side,
               or make a copy of the page I want to color.
               The main objective of coloring is just to RELAX and have FUN!!!!!

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