Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Here are some updates from recent posts:

A loyal reader sent these great ideas:

"One more technique to add to your blending watercolor ideas, is to pick up the whole piece and tilt it to let the pool of water run around and blend the pigments. Blowing on the water with your breath (alone, or as you tilt) can add to the blending. Control of the water is key, too much and you have a blob, too little and the pigments don't want to mix.

Depending on your pigment, you can re-wet an area and continue to blend, or add more pigment and get a multi-layered effect."

Buck a Bottle: Question was asked what was in the bottle I  got?

                        Answer: It was a happy face water bottle filled with individually wrapped
                                      peppermint life saver candies. I shared with ladies club today!

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