Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Make itz


Here is 'an oldie but a goodie.'
Attach silk flowers to a pen to make a practical and pretty bouquet!
There will always be a pen handy!
Some businesses make these so their pens don't ''walk away'! 

Dollar store Silk Roses, usually at least 6 flowers on each stems
Stick pens (can get for practically free with coupons and tax free weekend, or pick up at $ store)
Washi tape--look in your papercrafting stash. (This is updated from when floral tape was used.)
Wire cutters and scissors.

Gather materials. 

Use pen as a measure to snip off stem. Be sure to make it short enough to use the cap. 

Place flower beyond the top of the pen, using the washi tape, attach the rose to the pen with going around both. Start at the top and go down. Secure tape as go down. 

Go back and make sure the tape is firmly in place. 

Add the cap if desired.  Place all together in a vase or pretty container.


  1. good way to use up all the pens hanging about the house. and if your house is like my house, that means you can make bunches and bunches of roses!


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