Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday Treatz

Pepperoni Rolls

Credit goes to my sister in law Steph who is an AMAZING cook!
I did have to tweek her recipe a bit since I do not own a bread maker.

-frozen bread dough type rolls (such as Rhodes Brand)
-Pepperoni Slices
-different types of cubed or chunk cheeses slices
-Velveeta type cheese
-Pizza sauce for dipping ( Contadina brand squirt bottle works great)

1. Decide how many rolls to make, then take that many frozen rolls out to defrost.
    (Place them on parchment or non stick foil to thaw out.)
2. When pliable, flatten to a 3 inch circle.
3. Make about a one inch stack of cheese and pepperoni slices as follow: 2 slices pepperoni, chunk of velveeta,  the other cheeses, then 2 slices of pepperoni. (Kind of making a pepperoni sandwich)
4. Place this on the flattened bread dough. Bring the dough up around the goodies, pinch to seal.
    Put seam on side. Place on sprayed pan, or use the parchment paper or non stick foil.
5. Let rise till doubled.
6. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown usually 12-15 minutes.
7. Can brush melted butter over top.
8. Dip in pizza sauce, ranch dressing or eat as is!


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