Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday Make Itz


Lots of possibilities for these easy felt bowls,
change the color of the felt for different holidays!
Instructions from Parents magazine website. 

Darling Dish

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Darling Dish
Burcu Avsar

Darling Dish

These clever catchalls can be used to store anything from trinkets to treats.
What You'll Need
Felt, round objects, scissors, pencil, felt glue, binder clips
Make It
1. Use a round bowl or plate as a guide to cut out a circle of felt. The larger the circle, the bigger your felt dish will be.
2. Draw a smaller circle in the exact center and cut 8 evenly spaced slits from the outer edge of the felt circle to the edge of the penciled circle.
3. Glue the slit edges together, holding them in place with binder clips. Let dry.
4. From a contrasting color of felt, cut a circle slightly smaller than the inner circle of the bowl. Glue circle to bottom of bowl. Remove clips.

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