Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday Treatz

Holiday Potpourri for a Holiday House

Get out that small crock pot that 
is gathering dust and fill it with 
this great smelling potpourri.
Individualize scents by adding or subtracting ingredients. 

4 cups of water or more as needed
4 T Vanilla
3 T Cinnamon and or cinnamon sticks
Few whole cloves (or a teaspoon of cloves )
(a few teaspoons of pie spice could also be used)
Dried orange peels (or orange spice tea bag)
Lemon peels
Dried apples or apple peels 

Place all in crock pot. 
Turn on high for awhile until mixture gets heated through,
then turn to warm. 
Check periodically to make sure mixture hasn't cooked dry. 
Keep plenty of water in the crock pot. 

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