Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tuesday Tipz Two


I went to the local Dollar General to purchase a 
flower pot, since of course we didn't have the size we needed. 
Going into the store was a shopping cart full of flower pots--90% off!!!!!!
Remembering the wise words of my bargain shopper mom--purchase a bargain when you 
see it, and buy one in every color---I stocked up!
This also brought up another mom saying--"You were meant to be here!"
What was even more comical than cleaning out the shopping cart, was that 
the workers kept thanking me for buying them! They needed the shelf
space for Hallo-Thanks-Mass! 

So my haul included 32 flower pots in various shapes, sizes and colors
for under $5.00!!!!
These will be used for my hen and chix along with a few other cuttings. 

Flower Pot Haul!

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