Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday Tipz

Making a List
(C Stuff)

I come from a long line of list makers,
we often laughed that we made lists of our lists.
For example, we had given Dad a bread maker when those were
popular. He kept a notebook of each loaf of bread he made--
the information was amazing--he could reference what breads worked
the best, and which recipes were favorites.

I find my day is more grounded and productive
if I have a daily project list along with a long term project list.
It is very rewarding to see projects completed and a
a check mark next to that item.
If something isn't finished,
it goes onto tomorrow list to be continued.

One day an answer to a question about what I was doing
ended up with "C" words--
Cooking, Cleaning, Coloring, Crocheting--
not necessarily in that order.
I will soon be adding 'Christmas'
to my C list as I am working on a project
for the family in memory of our Mom/Granny.

If you have not tried organizing your projects
with lists, make one and see if this will work for you!
There is no right or wrong way--just whatever is best for your life!

(Now that my blog entry is done, I can
scratch that one off my list!)

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