Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday Tipz


I purchased a color by number 
book on sale just to try. 
Having someone else decide on the colors
made this book a no stress project.

The pictures are of flowers, 
and I found that following the 
numbered colors, it helped to see
how to shade the flowers. 
So the book is kind of like
a mini art lesson. 

Helpful hints:
--Look at the numbers to check the size. 
   One book had numbers so small I could not read them. 
--See how intricate the pictures are--simpler may be better
   to start with. 
--Make a color copy of the color key to use to match 
   the coloring tool to the key. Make a color swatch next
   to each color. 
--Don't worry if the numbers show through the lighter colors.
   Hard to see the numbers from afar. 

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