Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Make Itz


Christmas Cookie Recipe Boo

 A few years ago mom and I decided to gather her cookie recipes
that were scattered about in different places. 
The plan was to make a book of her favorite cookies that family 
enjoyed through the years. 
While we started on this project, it had to be put aside due to 
unforeseen circumstances, mainly her health. 

Mom died Sept. 17,2017, after a blessed long life of 92 years. 
I decided it was time to finish this project to share with all. 

Remember the post about the purple binders I found on sale? 
That was part of this project, but I couldn't share the secret at that time. 

I also found a stash of Christmas printer paper that dad used 
for his Holiday Newsletters. I used this stash to copy the recipes. 

I made copies of her recipes, many in her own handwriting,
then put each in a page protector. 
I had ten recipes that mom had picked out. If a favorite wasn't included, 
I would do my best to find it if requested. 
I placed all the recipes in the binders. 

While this project took many hours and much effort, 
I hope that it will become a cherished memory book. 

Consider making a recipe memory book. 


  1. i am the proud recipient of this cookie notebook. i requested three more recipes and received them! all on the dad christmas printer paper and in page protectors. service with a smile!

  2. Wonderful memories and way to carry on the traditions of favorite cookies!


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