Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday Tipz


I have been experimenting with the casserole crock pot.
I decided to try a batch of Chex Snack Mix.
With a few adjustments to the recipe, it worked great!

1, Place a full stick of butter/margarine in the crock. Turn on to high to melt.
2. Add either a seasoning packet or use the recipe on the cereal boxes.
3. Add cereal, nuts, etc.
4. Mix well.
5 PLACE PAPER TOWELS over mixture before covering to soak up the moisture.
6. Leave on high for awhile, stir.
7. Continue to stir and check for about 2 hours, making sure it doesn't stick or burn.
    If gets too warm, turn to low.
8. Take lid and paper towels off, turn to low, let finish crisping up for about half an hour.
9. Let cool, place in container.

1 comment:

  1. We love cereal mix. I will have to try this. Wonder if it works in a regular crockpot?


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