Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday Make Itz

LIFE HACKS for the Aging Population

I am always searching for budget friendly 
service projects for the FCE Lady's Club. 
After I donated to the Christmas Giving Tree for
the elderly and home bound, 
I started to think about what the club could make
to make life a little easier for the seniors. 
I will be posting some of my ideas the next few weeks. 

Non slick  Socks 
I was looking for non slip socks, 
but most stores only have those around the holidays. 
I was asking the lady in the sock section of the big box store, 
and she gave me a great idea:
"Paint" Tulip Puffy or Slick Fabric paint on the bottom of socks. 
Let dry. 
I got the diabetic socks since they are easier to put on, 
and don't cut into the foot or leg. 
These would be a good idea anyone, not just seniors. 

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