Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Make Itz

   (made from a pre-made tote)

Project number 2 for Seniors!

Walker Carry All
   Pre-made Canvas totes (or free giveaway totes)
   (Some craft and big box stores carry these in the craft or fabric paint aisle. )
   Heavy Duty Velcro with sticky on back.

1. Cut off one of the handles close to the seam.
  A hefty pair of scissors will be needed if using canvas.
2. Cut the other handle in the middle of the loop--this will make the two loops to fold over
    and hold the tote to the walker.
Cut the remaining handle at the top of the loop.
3. Place the sticky velcro so it will make 2 strong loops to attach to walker.
    Some velcro glue will be strong enough to hold heavier objects,but go over velcro
    with a few rows of machine stitching to make sure. The sticky will help hold velcro in place.
    If no machine is available, just be sure to get the heavy duty sticky strips.

Pre glued velcro

4. These can be decorated with fabric pens.

5. Attach to walker.

Caution that this won't carry heavy objects such as heavy books or computers, but for everyday needs such as kleenex, personal needs, etc., it is great!  


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