Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thursday Treatz


The ingredients are just suggestions,
add or subtract to taste. 
This could also be changed to chix rice soup. 

Any kind of cut up cooked poultry--chicken, turkey etc.
(A roasted chicken from the grocery could even be used.
Sometimes I even use a mixture of different kinds if making a large batch.)

Dried or fresh onion, to taste.

Dried or cut up fresh carrot.

Cut up fresh celery.

Dried or cut up 'taters.

2 cans or large carton of chicken broth. 

Egg noodles to add later.

Peas to add later. 

Salt, pepper, parsley to taste

Add all ingredients to crock pot--add water if necessary. 

Cook on high for an hour or two, then turn down to low.

Simmer all day. 

About any hour before eating,  add noodles and peas, cook until tender. 

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