Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tuesday Tipz


Tomorrow begins Lent.
Instead of 'giving' up or 'doing' without,
consider giving or doing!

Some ideas include--

1. With high heating bills this winter, some families
     find it difficult to pay for school lunches--give a donation
     to be used to offset these costs.

2. Take personal care items to nursing homes, schools, a food pantry.
    Watch for sales/good coupons to purchase. Or visit the dollar store for good deals.

3. Donate gently used clothing to schools, most have a program
    to give to students in need--middle and high schools always need
    adult sized clothing.

4. Pick up new socks and underwear, donate to schools.

5. Buy a case of peanut butter, donate to the school weekend back pack

6. Take time to send a card or make a visit to the nursing home.

7. Take old blankets or towels to the local animal shelter.
     Purchase a bag of animal food/treats and donate.

 8. Find a local charity to support.


  1. What a great idea! I did not growing up celebrating Lent. I do now, but don't always feel God is encouraging me to give something up. I LOVE this idea! There is a local church that has established a warming center to help people on the streets. We have already donated several things, including a big tote bag of hotel toiletries that hubby brings back from trips. Yesterday took a couple blankets we don't use. I KNOW there are other opportunities to give back and help others!

    1. Excellent ideas! Those little bottles of shampoo always come in handy, our local food bank asks for those as well.

    2. the way to express true charity. give of yourself!

  2. absolutely--so many elderly in nursing homes who have no one left to visit them


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