Monday, June 18, 2018

Monday Make Itz


Here are some updated pictures of the light fixture project.
This would make a great large table decoration, 
or a decorating focal point for different celebrations. 
More flowers/greenery will be added. 
Even though this has been decorated for spring/summer, 
it would lend itself to Halloween or a Harry Potter themed celebration. 
After judging, solar lights may be added and placed in the whimsical garden. 
Another idea would be to put small flower pots where the lights are
for succulents, such as hen and chicks. 

Materials were less than $10.00. 
The battery candles were found at the Dollar Tree.
These flicker like real candles, without the fire. 
The flowers were found in the craft stash. 
The doily was crocheted by my mom.

The top part of the fixture has been removed and will
be reused for another project--stay tuned. 

Light fixture before altering. 

flowers, lights and  flowers added, more to come!
Battery Candles from the Dollar Tree. 


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