Monday, June 11, 2018

Tuesday Tipz

Gel Pen Coloring!
(ideas can also be used with other coloring utensils such as colored pencils)

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  • Hatching - Great for beginners, hatching is a technique for filling a space by drawing parallel lines. To achieve a darker, more filled-in effect, you can draw your lines closer together. If you want a bit of the background to show through, trying spacing your lines out.
  • Cross-hatching - Cross-hatching, on the other hand, is all about layering hatching lines over one another. This creates more texture adds extra dimension to your art. 
  • Stippling - This refers to the technique of using dots to create texture and fill in a space. By gradually changing the patterns and the density of the dots, you can achieve a gradient shading effect that will make your coloring pop.
  • Scribbling - Want to make unique art using your gel pens? Scribble! Scribbling is practically the easiest technique of all since you can experiment and let your pen run free.
  • Painting - Yes, you can paint with your gel pens, too! Simply pick your darkest gel pen, then get a slightly wet paintbrush to blend the area. This helps to blend the color slowly. (Quick tip: This technique is best used for coloring books with thick paper. Otherwise, the ink may bleed through the paper or cause it to buckle. ColorIt makes premium adult coloring books that feature thick, acid-free artist quality paper so your art is safe when you employ this technique!)

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