Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Tuesday Tipz

The Unsung Hero

More great gel pen tips from this weeks ColorIt newsletter:

"Have you put our gel pen coloring tips to test yet? In our previous newsletters, we already covered gel pen care and storage tips, gel pen coloring techniques, and blending. Now it’s time to give you insider tips on how to amp up your art by using the unsung hero of every artist’s coloring arsenal--white gel pens! Check out a few tips below:
  • One of the most common uses for white gel pens is making final touches to a finished design. It helps in giving certain areas more dimension and makes the art pop.
  • If you’re using another coloring medium, such as markers or coloring pencils, it’s best to leave the white gel pen until the end as it may take a while to dry and may be difficult to color over.
  • Some colorists also use white gel pens for correcting their art when the white space they initially planned to leave out disappears.​​
  • Want to switch things up with your coloring practice? Invert your zentangle! Zentangle art is all about creating simple, abstract patterns using black ink on white paper. But why not grab a white gel pen and a black paper instead? This will definitely help you create more dramatic and striking designs!"

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