Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday Tipz

COLORING TIPZ for "Creative Drought"

---Try coloring the background first, it puts a new perspective on the main part
    of the picture. 

Here is this weeks tips from the ColorIt newsletter:

I’d like to think that creativity is just like the moon--it waxes and wanes. It’s totally normal to suffer from a creative drought, but luckily, you can do so many things to turn that around. Here’s how you can get back into the swing of things:
Clean up - Are you used to creating art amidst the chaos? Why not try the opposite? As they say, “a clear space equals a clear mind.”
Take a field trip - Dwelling on your creative dry spell isn’t going to help. The best way to restart your brain is by taking a break and going outside.
Treat yourself to new supplies - Sometimes all it takes to step back into the creative arena is the excitement of getting one’s hands on new coloring materials or tools. Go shopping, but of course, don’t break the bank!
Get inspired by your favorite spiritual verses - We can all use a little faith now and then, right? Our newest coloring book, Colorful Scriptures is packed with your favorite spiritual verses that will surely lift that creative block off of you.

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  1. the field trip suggestion appeals to me.


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