Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Freebeez


There have been some amazing free
happenings in the skies this summer--
you just have to take some time and
Look up!

Mars has been clearly visible 
all summer. Look for the reddish-orange
bright spot in the sky each evening. 

The meteor shower was a show in itself-
I watched over two evenings and saw
at least 25. Some were just a flash,
and others streaked across the sky.
Surprisingly, these came down in 
different colors!

Dust from the Sahara Desert was picked up in the jet streams
and made for hazy skies over much of the United States. This made for brighter sunrises and sunsets.

Here is the latest sky show from the Old Farmers Almanac:

"Mars remains blazingly brilliant in the night sky. The real draw now is that it’s part of a rare display above our heads. In mid-August, 2018, four planets and two famous stars have formed a rainbow of gemstones. Look for Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars in a line!"

August 2018 Planets

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  1. Cool info! Hoping we can have some clear skies to see these!


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